• Forming innovations.
    Forming innovations.
  • Applying expertise.
    Applying expertise.
  • Convincing with quality.
    Convincing with quality.
  • Foresighted production.
    Foresighted production.
  • Providing Full-Service.
    Providing Full-Service.
  • Perfecting products.
    Perfecting products.
  • Transfer forming presses

    Progressive forming machines for the rational mass production of complex drawing parts.

  • Stamping and forming automatic presses

    For the mass production with progressive dies.

  • AGEOH and PYS

    For the tool and mould development as well as for mass production.

  • Hydraulic open-fronted and double sided presses

    For a classic forming, straightening, embossing, calibrating and bulk forming.

  • Special purpose machines and special constructions

    For individual, customer specific application areas.