Hydraulic open-fronted and double sided presses

Our hydraulic single and double column presses can be used for all conventional forming processes as well as for straightening, embossing, calibration and bulk deformation. The optimized design of the frame provides a high rigidity and ensures a long service life. A flexible adaptation of the machines to a broad range of work tasks expands the utilization capabilities and guarantees an optimal ease of use. If these presses are expanded with a hydraulic deep-drawing device and an hydraulic ejector in the ram, they are transformed into a triple-action deep drawing press, that delivers the utmost efficiency. An integration into fully automated press lines just as easily possible as the adaptation of supply units. The standard pressing force ranges from 250 to 6,300 kN. 

Characteristics and optionally selectable features:

(frame and controller-specific) 

  • Press frame as rigid welded and heat-treated steel construction 
  • T-slot design for the press table, ram and clamping plates according to DIN 650 - 2 parallel in each table and ram (standard); arrangement: diagonal PYE, parallel PYZ
  • Platen, anti-twist protected
  • Ram in a box-type design, with 8-fold sliding guides
  • PYE hydraulic unit in the frame mid section, low noise
  • PYZ hydraulic unit (pump, valve block, oil containers) space-saving arrangement or respectively in the top part of the machine, low-noise
  • Oil filter with contamination indicator
  • Oil cooler (with water cooling)
  • PLC safety controller
  • Two-hand control panel, foot switch or joystick
  • Variable setting of the pressing force
  • Variable setting of the stroke length
  • Switching from power stroke to working stroke is path-dependent
  • Switching of the ram movement, is path, pressure and pressure-time dependent
  • Locking of the ram in the upper dead centre (according to the "Accident Prevention & Insurance Association" compulsory starting from a height of > 500 mm or a table depth of > 800 mm) 

Control modes L, F and P

The simplest control type L is the installation of a cam track onto the press frame. The setting of the upper stroke end position is performed with fully adjustable cams. The pressing force is manually adjusted with a pressure adjusting valve and can be read on an additional pressure gauge. 

The press control F and P enable the variable setting of every path parameter for the stroke position of the ram by implementing an absolute position measuring system (ultrasonic measuring system). Using a touch panel, numbers and names of the current tool data set, the strength and speed as well as the path parameters can be easily set and displayed. 


  • Further drill holes, breakthroughs and changes (table or platen) are possible
  • Column guiding of the ram disk
  • Ram in a box-type design, with 16-fold roller guides
  • Oil cooling (with air cooling)
  • Hydraulic or mechanical ejector on the ram
  • Hydraulic drawing cushion with ejector
  • Safety light curtain as intervention protection or integrated into the machine controller
  • Variables ram locking in the upper dead centre through an hydraulically operated ram protection
  • Operating mode "continuous stroke"
  • Vibration isolated installation
  • Cutting impact damping (separate damping elements to compensate the occurring cutting shock) or integrated into the cylinder