Stamping and forming automatic presses

Our HRM and HR series presses are ideally suited for the mass production with progressive dies or transformed tools. Until the final separation in the progressive processing, the parts are held onto the metal strip and with it moved through the various tool positions. Our stamping and forming presses are highly versatile through their fully or partially automated tool change and tool clamping devices. Precise movements and a long-term geometric accuracy deliver the resulting high quality of our products. The standard pressing force ranges from 250 to 30000 kN. 

 Possible drive concepts:

  • Conventional with intermediate transmission
  • Complete drive
  • Drag-link drive
  • Servo drive with an intermediate planetary gear

Characteristics and optionally selectable features:


  • Press frames as a heat-treated monoblock frame, with a high rigidity for optimum accuracy
  • Press frames in a heat-treated, multi-piece welded steel construction or cast iron design, are connected by hydraulically prestressed tensioning rods to form a very rigid frame
  • Clutch-brake system with an extremely short braking angle
  • Bearings directly on the power transmission points (as a half-shell or ball screw with hydraulic clamping)
  • Temperature monitoring of the crankshaft bearings in the head piece and on the connecting rod bearings of the crankshaft
  • The ram is in a heat-treated and steel-welded construction or made of cast iron, utilization specific with an 8-fold sliding guides or 16-fold rolling guides and with a beneficial guidance ratio
  • Pneumatic ram counterbalance (bellows version), counteracts the mass acceleration that occurs during the cutting process, especially during tool setup processes
  • Hydraulic overload protection
  • With or without an automatic ram adjustment 
  • With or without an automatic stroke adjustment 
  • An IPC controller with TFT screen and Windows user interface is used for the acquisition of operational data. Fault diagnosis and remote maintenance ensure a smooth production flow.
  • Adaptation of the work space to customer specific tools
  • Separate creep speed drive: Available as a separate gearmotor with clutch for the setup and run-in operation 
  • Vibration isolated installation of the press
  • Roller and reciprocation feeds integrated into the machine design (in-house production or well-known manufacturer)