Tool testing and production presses

The name AGEOH has been a synonym for high-quality hydraulic try out presses as well as for tool and mold manufacturing, for many decades. AGEOH is ideally suited for the development of tools (punching, stamping, embossing, injection and progressive dies) or molds and can also be used for mass production. The 4-column design ensures an excellent machine stability, and the operator is also provided with an excellent access to the tools from all sides. AGEOH are hydraulic tool try out presses with two press cylinders and an electronically controlled synchronization control, which deliver an exceptionally precise pressing result. An optimal balance of the ram will be maintained, especially when working with eccentric loads. The latest developments enable the integration of rapid speed cylinders or prefill valves and the "PS" production control for this two-cylinder version. Through this, our AGEOH try out presses deliver two solutions with only a single investment. The standard pressing force ranges from 800 to 10000 kN. 

Characteristics and optionally selectable features:

  • 4-column design with hardened guide columns, high frame rigidity 
  • A modern 2-cylinder synchronization control ensures a high positioning accuracy and parallelism even for eccentric loads
  • Maintenance free dry running guide bushings
  • T-slot design for the press table, ram and clamping plates according to DIN - 2 parallel in each table and ram 
  • Highly accurate control valve technology
  • Hydraulics (pump, valve block, oil tanks) arranged in a space-saving and a low-noise manner 
  • Oil filter with contamination indicator
  • Oil cooler with water or air cooling
  • Force holding time up to 10 seconds in the bottom dead centre
  • Two-hand control panel, foot switch or joystick
  • Safety enclosure starting from > 10 mm/s
  • Safety light curtains as intervention protection or integrated into the machine controller (cycle control) 

Maximum deviation from the parallelism:

  • For movements without load < 0.02 mm/m
  • With an eccentric load and maximum force < 0.04 mm/m at the corresponding position

The maximum pressing force of the machine will only be available for centrical installed tools. The further a tool is placed off-center, the pressing force is reduced to max. 50 %!

Control modes L, F and P

The simplest control type L is the installation of a cam track onto the press frame. The setting of the upper stroke end position is performed with fully adjustable cams. The pressing force is manually adjusted with a pressure adjusting valve and can be read on an additional pressure gauge. 

The press controls F and P enable the variable setting of every path parameter for the stroke position of the ram by implementing an absolute position measuring system (ultrasonic measuring system). Using a touch panel, numbers and names of the current tool data set, the strength and speed as well as the path parameters can be easily set and displayed. 


  • Locking of the ram in the top dead centre (standard) or a variable ram locking (optional) via a hydraulically operated ram safety device (according to the "Accident Prevention & Insurance Association" compulsory starting from a height of > 500 mm or a table depth of > 800 mm)
  • Rectangular table cut-out
  • Tool carrier 
  • Maintenance platform
  • Safety enclosure of the machine
  • Drawing cushion / hooking drawing cushion
  • Ejector in the ram
  • Clamping fillets
  • Additional oil ports with quick coupling
  • Tool changing device with adjustable hydraulic lifters (with and without suspendable support brackets)
  • Noise-reducing bonnet for the hydraulic unit
  • Machine shoes (leveling elements or damping elements)
  • Cutting impact dampers
  • Conveyor system integration
  • Extendable table top