High-performance - Progressive presses

An efficient manufacturing of drawing, bending, stamping and cutting parts in mass production? Not a problem for the fast and precisely working progressive forming machines from Raster-Zeulenroda. In our high-performance progressive presses, blanks and formed parts undergo several different forming stages. Because the parts are pliable in all directions without being bonded to a metal strip, the manufacturing of complex drawn parts is very easy. Through this, parts series can be modified and manufactured very economically. The performance spectrum of our progressive presses does not only include the drawing process with a top and/or bottom as well as side opening, but also joining processes and the machining of threads. An IPC controller with LCD screen provides an optimal way to collect operational data. Fault diagnosis and remote maintenance ensure a smooth production flow. The standard pressing force range of our progressive presses is from 160 to 8000 kN. 

A machine that combines the highest accuracy with the matching level of quality.


Under floor drive 

  • Extremely smooth operation through a low center of gravity
  • Optimal working height without foundation pit

Upper drive 

  • For large stroke heights
  • For even more power and work capacity 

 Possible drive concepts:

  • Conventional with intermediate transmission
  • Complete drive
  • Drag-link drive
  • Servo drive (as a direct drive or with an intermediate planetary gear) 

Characteristics and optionally selectable features:

  • Bed frame as a welded steel frame construction connected with pre-stressed tensioning rods; bend-proof , heat-treated
  • Up to 260 strokes/min depending on the design version
  • Ram in a lightweight design for high stroke cycles
  • Hydraulic overload protection in the ram
  • 4-column roller guide, free of play for the most precise angle drive of the ram
  • 8-fold sliding guide of the ram, low maintenance
  • 16-fold roller guide of the ram, free of play
  • Temperature monitoring of the crankshaft bearings in the head piece and on the connecting rod bearings of the crankshaft
  • Variably adjustable main drive combined with a creep speed drive
  • Maximum parallelism of the tool clamping surfaces
  • Fast tool change as well as an accurate positioning of the tool tensioning with index pins and cam clamps
  • Adjustable tool holders with an electronically monitored overload protection
  • High-speed mechanical drive devices with overload protection for a precision parts transfer per tool station
  • Cam-controlled stripper and fold holder mechanism
  • Electronically monitored overload protection
  • Maintenance free ram weight compensation
  • Pneumatic ejector in the ram, manually or motorized adjustable
  • Adjustable pneumatic drawing cushion in the table
  • Transfer device mechanically cam-controlled and/or servo-motor driven
  • Ronde cutting separately on the side table/side ram
  • Ronde lifter in the blank cutting area for a low-noise cutting of the rondes near the bottom dead centre 
  • Ram driven by waste cutter
  • Special shafts in the work area running synchronously to the crankshaft for peripheral machining operations
  • Introduction of the material to the first tool position through an electronic roller feed unit with a two-axis positioning in a zig-zag design
  • An IPC controller with TFT screen and Windows user interface is used for the acquisition of operational data. Fault diagnosis and remote maintenance ensure a smooth production flow. 

Sample workpieces