18.01.2012 09:33 Age: 7 yrs

Innovation at Raster-Zeulenroda.

After the development of the PAUSt progressive forming machine with a drag-link drive that can deliver an overall pressing force of up to 30 tons, this machine has now been further developed to deliver an overall pressing force of up to 125 tons. Raster-Zeulenroda has made it its goal to ramp up the parts output capacity by up to 40 percent with this innovation.

The principle.
Increasing the machine stroke cycles, without increasing the ram speed in the actual workspace. If the speed is increased without taking the workspace into account, parts could break and the quality could suffer. An unthinkable scenario in times of ever-expanding cost pressures and very high quality consciousness. The reduction of the ram speed in the workspace must be balanced in other cranking areas. This creates an inharmonic ram movement (see diagram), which now acts differently upon the entire machine. This is precisely where the innovation comes into play. A redesign of the drive train, the bearings, etc. - enabling the machine to run smoothly with very low vibrations.

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